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  • Sorry for the delay in posting an update BUT we worked until Friday lunchtime and had the weekend off to re-charge our batteries!

    So today we got EVERYTHING up to roof height, completed the septic tank (apart from the lid) and formed the cubicles for the toilets - all this in 30 degrees!!.

    Tomorrow is a really big day as we start the roofing - firstly we have to get the roof trusses into postion - a 7 metre span and all has to be done manually - Health & Safety Officers please look away now!!

    We will not complete the project before we return to the UK BUT we will have "made a real difference" and as on previous projects the local builders will see the job through to completion.

    We are having problems with the internet but go to pre-schooltrip2013.blogspot.co.uk for more info

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