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  • I've been here since Friday evening but the weather has been a bit like the UK. Rain, heavy storms & NO internet.

    Despite ALL that we have had a really great day today and got a lot done - tomorrow, weather permitting we will make REAL progress.

    For more info & photos go to



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    HELP!! 23 October 2013 | Comments (1)

    Less than 36 hours to take off and I haven't started packing and am working all day today and till lunchtime tomorrow!!

    It will be all right on the night!

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    Great news - the airline have granted us an extra 10kilos of luggage allowance each!!

    Iam just hoping I get time to actually pack something before I go!


    So much to still do and so little time top do it - no more blogging for now must get on.

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    It hardly seems possible that this time NEXT week I will be on my way to Birmingham airport to fly out to South Africa.

    The good news is that the foundations and the concrete slab for the pre-school building are complete and by the time we get there all the materials will be on site ready for us to start building.

    Watch this space for more updates.v 

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