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  • On friday morning we visited Ithembalihle to say our goodbyes.

    It was great to see the building in sunlight as the previous evening it had been cold and damp when we left the site. What was even better was to see that the local builders had virtually completed laying the ridge tiles and are obviously going to continue pressing ahead to complete the building in time for the start of the new term in January.

    Having a purpose built building means that the school can register with the department of education and apply for grants which will help the project on the way to self sufficiency.

    I had a really busy BUT very rewarding trip and it is good to know that a team of volunteers can "make a real difference" in a relatively short space of time.

    We can't help everybody BUT if what we do helps improve the lives of just a few people then the effort has been really worthwhile.

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    It hardly seems possible that today was our last day working on the building BUT, despite heavy showers in the afternoon we managed to complete the roof.

    We have acheived so much in 12 days - a 120 square metre building up to roof height which will mean the pre-school will have it's own building with 2 classrooms, toilets (still to be finished) and an office/medical/store room.

    Thank you to all our sponsors & supporters who have made this possible AND the volunteers who have worked tirelessly, in all weathers, to "make a real difference"

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    "Up on the roof" 06 November 2013 | Comments (0)

    Another great day - we finished the septic tank by forming a concrete lid, complete with stench pipe & inspection hatch and then we started to felt, batten & tile one side of the roof. The temperature was again mid 30's and with the reflection from the roof felt it was hot, hot.

    We left the lodge at 7.15am and got backat 6.45 BUT we completed one side of the roof complete with the name of the school picked out in red roof tiles.

    Tomorrow is my last full day but  we hope to complete the roof! 

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    Another good day today, despite the heat!!. We assembled the roof trusses and braced them, built the gable end walls, prepared the septic tank for pouring the lid tomorrow, finished the kitchen upgrade in the main house, set the waste for the pre-school sinks and loaded out some of the roof tiles as tomorrow we hope to felt, batten and tile one side of the roof.

    Go to pre-schooltrip2013.blogspot.co.uk for photos

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